Property solicitors

Quote below from Law Society chief executive Desmond Hudson.

 “We launched the Conveyancing Quality Scheme initiative in December 2010, which we intend to be the “kite mark” for the conveyancing market. We plan to invest in building a recognised brand – solicitor conveyancing – that will be recognised by clients. In the same way that few of us would have a gas fire installed by someone who was not previously registered with Corgi, our aim is that the market will look to CQS members for their conveyancing.

 “The scheme will ensure that the public, lenders and insurers will be able to identify CQS practices with the knowledge that the service offered will be of a truly excellent standard. CQS members who fail to consistently meet the standards set by the profession will be required to improve or leave the scheme.

 “With the support of the Council of Mortgage Lenders, the Building Societies Association, and the Association of British Insurers, the Society has created a scheme which requires robust assessment in order for members to gain membership. 

 “CQS will improve efficiency with common, consistent standards and service levels. It will ensure all key members of staff working within residential conveyancing are kept up to date with changes in law and practice; provide assurance to lenders that initial vetting checks have been carried out as to a practice’s provenance and quality, endeavour to create an environment that deters fraud, and a better understanding of the residential conveyancing process enabling consumers to recognise practices providing a quality residential conveyancing service.”

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